Wednesday, February 02, 2011

second golden egg

Had to post some letters,
but as the worth of the stampvalue was raised in the beginning of the year,
I went to the postoffice to get some extra stamps to upgrade the value.
On my way I remembered the stamps with the golden egg,
I got the golden egg for free as an extra bonus...last year.

I thought: 'Maybe they still have this offer of a free golden egg, if I buy those stamps again'.
So I asked for the Dagobert Duck stamps with the golden egg...
No.... they don't have anymore...all gone,
but then she grabbed behind the desk...she still had some golden eggs left!
and gave me one!

Since I found the first golden egg and discovered the game on my new i-pad 'Angry birds'
I got addicted to angrybirds.
You can find golden eggs in the game...there too!
even the sounds are so exiting...hiiieuw...hH ...iIIIeuw!
Vengeance on the pigs (uncch.uuu.unchhggg)

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