Friday, December 10, 2010

cold feet 2

I wonder if birds have very cold feet in wintertime.
They have to stand or sit on frozen ground or frozen branches, (when they are not in flight)
day and night.
They spend many hours sitting or standing on cold icy frozen below zero.
Do they have snow/ ice-proof feet?


Beth Niquette said...

That's a good question--I have no idea! But what a plucky little fellow this is! I love his beaked face. lol And he's so cutely fat.

Anonymous said...

Your question about cold feet is answered there under "service en vragen, ornithologie"
Reading there about the intricate system in the feet of birds to guard their body-temperature and reduce the loss of warmth in cold surroundings, leaves me in awe of the Creator once more!Scientists named this system "rete mirabilis",i.e. "wondernet", or "miracle network"!!

iwings said...

Oh thanx so much, I never heard about that!