Sunday, June 27, 2010

flying red

Few days ago...
I saw something red flying through my garden.
Red and black.
At first I thought it was the redstart bird, which I had seen a while ago.
I hoped I would catch a better glimpse.

Then I saw him again flying..and definitely it was a Bullfinch, (Goudvink),(Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
Though the photo I made was very unsharp...I could determine for sure, it was this delightful bird.
Extremely beautiful red, black head, almost unnatural...especialy here in this continent.
Then sitting in my garden I saw him again drinking at the birdbath.
what a beauty...only no camera at hand. sigh..sigh...!

Yesterday he came again for a that I could catch his beauy.


Anonymous said...

Wow mooi en zomaar in je achtertuin.


Beth Niquette said...

What a gorgeously colored bird. We do not have anything like him here.