Saturday, January 16, 2010

big spider

When I stepped in the kitchen this morning
for making my cup of coffee.
I saw a very, very huge big spider sitting on the floor!

It did not move...
It did not run away...these type of spiders can run ...very, very fast.
So I moved & stepped with my left foot carefully on top.
(this is the stepped-on version)

I don't like spiders inside my house.


Beth Niquette said...

Oooooh, I'm with you! This time of year the Wolf spiders love to sneak in on the firewood.


Mrs. Mike said...

Hmm. Yes, spiders outside, in the garden are bird food and I love birds, so I love spiders.
Spiders inside, I think, have malicious intent and as Beth says of PNW arachnids, peer at you through the wood pile hoping they'll get a free ticket indoors on the next piece of fir.

iwings said...

I only don't have firewood ..this one sneaked inside on a snowflake I guess...or?

Catherine said...

Oooo... this sent chills up my spine. I jumped when I scrolled down and saw it. Spiders outside are wonderful, but inside... ugh!