Friday, November 06, 2009


'I don't have time' said Hare as he ran by.
'I have lost my time'.
'And now I cannot find it anywhere'.
I have searched every where,
'but it is no where to be found', as he rushed & searched for the lost time.

'Oh', answered Mole.
'That happened to me too!
but I found it back somehow'.

'How'? asked Hare curiously

'By waiting'...said Mole.
'As I waited for the time to come',
'time did catching up with me'.
'He always catches up...sooner or later'.

Just by waiting for time's timing...


Beth Niquette said...

oh, Oh--oh, my dear--this is fabulous. I LOVE the poem, and I ADORE your drawing. They fill my heart AND my eyes.

Catherine said...

Oh, this is Wonderful! Lovely story and such a cute illustration!