Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phalera Bucephala, Wapendrager, Buff-tip

A Phalera Bucephala (Buff-tip, english name) (Wapendrager, dutch name)
has fallen out of the oak.
as they do every year,
on purpose...not by accident.
This one I found on the table, running around.

I gave him some oak leaf, which he didn't want to eat.
he kept running around...restless..., searching.... fell /dropped himself several more times
though he has such a grip with his hairy feet....he wanted to fall for finding a better place
(if you enlarge the paws, it looks like hairy elephant paws).

On his head is written a yellow Y ,
the Y of Yellow or the Y of whY?

he dropped himself, to find a safe hole in the hibernate as cocoon.

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