Wednesday, December 12, 2007

soon to be released!!!



coat of many colors

I will bless you like the stars

he laughs at fear, and is afraid of nothing


soaring above the storms


soon to be released!

One of my dreams, for a long... long time is:
to have cards published from my paintings (see
This summer I decided to jump into the deep waters,
not knowing where this journey will lead me.

I only knew I wanted to do it, and just start with the beginnings
So I made preparations to find out all the hows, where's do's and don'ts.
I faced many mountains of obstacles.
For me I am not such an organised person,
actualy to be honest, I hate planning and organising things.

But now the cards are ready to be printed
and I expect them to be printed end of this month.

If you are interested for buying : please sent email.
the cards are going to be wrapped in beautiful enveloppes,
matching perfectly with the card .

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