Thursday, October 04, 2007


Deep rumbling noise,
great truck stops,
2 men came out.
Meanwhile tackling a huge folded iron container through the air.
The container for the autumnleaves was flying.

I decided to have a closer look
as if something was telling me to inspect and if I didn't I would regret later on.
The men planned to put the container right in the middle of my drive.
So after greeting and big smile,
I said:"He has to be put here"... as I pointed my finger to an smaller space near a tree.
A sullen look of neglection of both men was the answer, while they continued putting the thing in the middle of my drive.

when finished, one of the men said ....why?
I said:" because its my drive. You block my entrance"...
I noticed a processing thinking in the men's mind going.
They said nothing and started to remove the container to where I had pointed....



Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I think I can see the brains of those men working! Slowly... very slowly and suddenly they understood! Yes, a sigh is the right thing to relieve in such a situation! And OOOO, I admire your toadstools!!! Did you start a nursery or something like that? When I pass your house it's red with cream everywhere!
Greetings and have fun!
Hugs from the white monsters!

iwings said...

The men's processing brains looked like starting up photoshop.
Yeh 14 red toadstools begins to look like a nursery.
Big hug to white monsters!