Thursday, November 09, 2006


Its absolutely unbelievable, this morning when I entered my livingroom,
a wren sat in there, trying, flying, to escape through the glass.
Of course that was not succesful.

Its absolutely impossible how this wren got inside.
Because of cold wheather, I have no open windows, doors or whatsoever.

In another attempt to fly out, the wren got in the curtains,
and then I could catch him easily, because he seemed totally exhausted.
He sat in my hand for a while, getting back to normal,
I could see he was totally undone.

For me a chance, to have a view of this little tiny bird so close.
he was even smaller than I thought, and even more beautiful.
Than he flew away into the vine,
while he sat there quite a while, recovering of this unexpected adventure.

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