Monday, June 10, 2013


This morning is was bingo.
Early this morning, I saw one of the birds in the doorway of the house.
loudly chirping...and father and mother were very busy bringing food as quickly as they could.
Sometimes the father and mother arrived with food at the same time, 
the mother bird started flapping her wings...such a lovely sight!

Then all at once I saw one of the birds whoosh....taking his wings...flying in a a nearby tree.
After a while another bird came to the front loudly chirping....
Mother or father kept bringing food.
One of the birds was bending so far forward that it almost looked he would fall out.
That did not happen...he suddenly flew out in a perfect curve...right in the beech tree above.
It was such a great sight.!
The loud chirping...came from all sides now.
Immediately the next bird came to the front door....and soon he flew out.
and then the next one.
I don't know how many birds were inside...but at least I saw 5 flying out!


Anonymous said...

Gaaf , en jij zat weer op de eerste rij erg gaaf!!!!

Mannie said...

Wat ontzettend leuk dat je dat kon meemaken!